2nd 4th teaser

THANK YOU! We reached our $5,000 Base Goal for a Mini-Movie Finale! BUT…

… for a FULL final SEASON, we still need at least twice as much! Please click HERE to give & check out perks you’ll receive as thanks!

Depending on how much we raise, this is what you’ll see:

$5,000: A Mini-Movie Finale
$5,001-10,000: An Epic Mini-Movie Finale or 2-3 Episode Trilogy
$10,001-15,000: 5-7 Episode Season OR 2 Mini-Movies
$15,001-25,000+: Full 8 to 10 Episode Season

$5,000 allows us to make a “Mini-Movie Finale” that wraps up our stories & bids farewell.

A “Full 8-10 Episode Season” includes a musical episode, an episode filmed before a live audience, the origins of the Nathan/Nelson feud, plus special guest stars, including a couple faces from the past — and a proper series finale! And, of course, all the laughs, shocks & sex you’ve come to expect from Old Dogs & New Tricks!