Episode 2.1: Topsy Turvy

Season Premiere. Ross’ ultimatum to Neal (new series regular Doug Spearman) backfires; Brad gives Muscles tips for tops; Nelson Van Eddy (special guest star Bruce Hart) returns to torment the boys; Nathan spends a secret afternoon with Damian.

Episode 2.2: Bottom's Up

A young fan (Marc Anthony Samuel) tests Ross’ resolve; Brad’s doctor (Jennifer Kramer) delivers shocking news; Muscles makes a last-ditch effort to save his relationship with Bobby (special guest star Thom Bierdz); a day with Damian has Nathan feeling his age.

Episode 2.3: It's Noel Coward Time

The boys meet Bobby (special guest star Thom Bierdz) at dinner at Ross’s house; Brad loses his heart to porn star Rod Rodriguez (Zay Roque); Nathan confesses his secret; a misunderstanding between Ross and Neal leads to a bitter argument.

Episode 2.4: Mood Swings

Neal’s latest absence pushes Ross over the edge; Brad has a rude awakening about his porn-star crush; after a heart-to-heart with Muscles, Nathan breaks it off with Damian–but learns Damian has other ideas.

Episode 2.5: Big Fat Gay Wedding

Part 1 of 2. The mood is anything but festive as the gang gathers for the wedding of one of their own to a notorious former circuit boy (special guest star Greg Louganis). Ian Buchanan also guest stars as a photographer who focuses in on one of the Dogs.

Episode 2.6: Bad Reception

Part 2 of 2. Lydia sings at Dirk (Greg Louganis) & Nelson’s wedding reception, while Nathan meets photographer Christoph (Ian Buchanan), Muscles makes a declaration to Bobby (Thom Bierdz), Ross is overwhelmed by the romance, and Brad shares bodily fluids with one of the grooms.

Episode 2.7: Best Laid Plans

The boys discuss weekend plans over brunch; Muscles & Bobby (Thom Bierdz) plan a romantic weekend; Ross decides to try an internet hook-up; Nathan makes a date with Damian then comes to blows with Nelson Van Eddy. Greg Louganis & Ian Buchanan also guest star.

Episode 2.8: Date Night

Nathan and Damian attempt a romantic evening in each others’ worlds, with mixed results; Brad and Ross have an unexpected hotel encounter; Muscles is puzzled as his romantic weekend plans with Bobby (Thom Bierdz) fizzle.

Episode 2.9: The Skinny Lady Sings

Lydia debuts her cabaret act; Brad makes a radical lifestyle change; Nathan meets a man (Michael Kearns) from Damian’s past, then makes a call to Christoph (Ian Buchanan); Ross tries something new to save his marriage; Muscles is frustrated.

Episode 2.10: Last Gasps

Season Finale. Muscles makes a special attempt to relight the fire in Bobby (Thom Bierdz); Rod (Zay Roq) tests Brad’s new resolution; Ross & Neal come to a crossroads; Nathan visits a new shrink (special guest star Terri Garber then has an explosive confrontation with Damian.

Is this Goodbye?

A retrospective look at the creation & first two seasons of the award-winning web series, featuring never-before-seen audition clips & backstage video, plus new interviews with stars Leon Acord, Curt Bonnem, Jeffrey Patrick Olson, Ryland Shelton, Amanda Gari, Bruce L. Hart & Stephanie T. Keefer.