Episode 1: Pilot

West Hollywood talent agent Nathan Adler (Leon Acord) recalls how he first met 80’s rocker Brad King (Curt Bonnem), personal trainer Al ‘Muscles’ Carter (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) & actor Ross Stein (David Pevsner) as he begrudgingly prepares for his 50th birthday party.  Lydia:  Amanda Abel.  Damian Johns:  Ryland Shelton.  Sexy Sauna Guy:  Zay Roque.  Bouncer:  Anthony Rockwood.

Episode 2: It's My Party...

Part 1 of 2.  After a run-in with a professional rival (Bruce L. Hart), not even gifts, cocktails and the boys’ valiant efforts can cheer up Nathan (Leon Acord) on his 50th birthday; Ross (David Pevsner) receives professional bad news; Brad (Curt Bonnem) regales the boys with stories of his sexual conquests of the past 24 hours. Muscles: Jeffrey Patrick Olson.   Darin: Kevin Sexton.

Episode 3: ... and I'll Whine If I Want To

Part 2 of 2. An encounter with a long-forgotten one-night-stand has Nathan (Leon Acord) feeling his age; Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) meets a potential Mr. Right (Thom Bierdz); Ross’ cheerful façade cracks. Ross: David Pevsner. Brad: Curt Bonnem. Damian: Ryland Shelton. Nelson: Bruce L. Hart. Moses Decker: Michael Tatlock. Club Kid #1: Trey Rich. Club Kid #2: Matt Ladensack.

Episode 4: Stuck in a Jam

Living vicariously though his friends’ adventures leaves Nathan (Leon Acord) feeling empty; Ross (David Pevsner) confesses his recent marital woes; Brad’s latest conquest (Felipe Encherri) bruises his self-esteem; Muscles (Jeffrey Patrick Olson) has too much in common with Bobby (Thom Bierdz). Brad: Curt Bonnem. Muscles: Jeffrey Patrick Olson. Lydia: Amanda Abel.

Episode 5: Strange Bedfellows

Season Finale. Brad (Curt Bonnem) gets revenge on his latest hook-up (Felipe Encherri); Ross (David Pevsner) receives some provocative marriage advice; Muscles tries to get Bobby (Thom Bierdz) to discuss their dilemma; a cryptic session with his shrink (Patrick Bristow) leads Nathan (Leon Acord) to a mind-blowing encounter. Damian: Ryland Shelton. Lydia: Amanda Abel. Militant Non-Smoker: David Whiting.