Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 7.17.16 PMOn the heels of its 3rd & most successful season to date, ODNT has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for a 4th & Final Season. Visit at

In the show’s first campaign video, “What would ODNT be like without YOU?“, creator/writer & star Leon Acord muses how bad his show would be without the financial support of his audience.

He then shows us, with a short fourth-season spoof episode with bad camerawork, worse lighting, lousy sound, and Acord playing all four dogs. (Look for a favorite special guest star in a cameo!)  Watch at

“You have to clock web shows’ lives in dog years,” jokes Acord. “In web series, three years is a long-running show. To make it to a fourth season puts us in rarified territory. Very few shows do. Its like the online equivalent to Gunsmoke or the original Dallas!  If we’re lucky enough to make it that far, I think we need to be grateful and say goodnight.

The Season 3 finale left many questions hanging:  Has Nathan given up on love?  Is Muscles coming back from Ohio? Will Brad get the gig? Who will Ross choose–that is, if he survives his heart attack?

But the biggest question is: How much more ODNT will we see before it signs off?

The show’s IndieGoGo campaign is putting that decision on the viewers: though its goal amount is only $5,000 (enough, they say, to finance a “mini-movie finale”), Acord hopes fans will contribute up to $20,000 or more so they can produce a full final season of 8 to 10 episodes.

If that happens, says IndieGoGo campaign, Acord promises a musical episode, an episode filmed before a live audience, the origins of the Nathan/Nelson feud, plus special guest stars, including a couple faces from the past — and a “proper series finale, free of cliffhangers and … all the laughs, shocks & sex you’ve come to expect!”

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