ODNT Mini-Movie Has Most First-Week Views In Show’s History!

With over a year since a new episode, Old Dogs & New Tricks returned last week with a 22-minute special ‘mini-movie’ called ‘WeHo Horror Story’ — wherein Nathan, Ross, Brad and Muscles (Leon Acord, David Pevsner, Curt Bonnem & Jeffrey Patrick Olson) stalk Nathan’s ex-boy toy Damian in a West Hollywood dance club on Halloween (among other plot developments).

The show’s absence seems to have only made its’ audiences’ hearts grow fonder: ‘WeHo Horror Story’ garnered more views its first week than any other episode of the series, and keeps going [7,100+ and counting]!  A feat that seems to surprise show creator/writer/actor Leon Acord.

“This one doesn’t have our usual ‘name guest stars,’ says Acord. And its three times longer than our usual episode, so you’d think it would take three times as long to get the views. I am very happy.  [It’s] a combination of the loyalty of our established audience, plus the new viewers who are finding us through Wolfe and Hulu.”