WeHo Horror Story

The web comedy returns with a mini-movie event, set on Halloween in West Hollywood. Two months after the Season 2 finale, Brad’s vow of celibacy leads to a “message from God,” Muscles learns why Bobby went cold, Ross and Neal have a scary encounter, and Nathan convinces the boys to go “undercover” to help him stalk Damian.

Episode 3.1: Fortunes Flip

Season Premiere. In the third-season premiere, Ross confers with a divorce lawyer (special guest star Mo Gaffney); Muscles is attracted to a gym patron (Dan Oliverio); Brad’s accountant delivers bad news; still reeling from Damian’s disappearance, Nathan has a life-changing accident.

Episode 3.2: Hard Bargains

Ross receives good news for a change; Muscles asks Brad for dating advice; Nathan gets a bizarre proposition from Nelson (special guest star Bruce L. Hart), then spends an evening with Jake (Curtis Wayne Brown); Brad parts with a piece of his past. Special guest star Rutanya Alda debuts as Barbara Fierce.

Episode 3.3: Thanks But No Thanks

Nathan is haunted by his past as the gang gathers for Thanksgiving; Lydia introduces her new boyfriend (Andy Gates); an unwelcome guest interrupts dinner; Brad attempts a new career path.

Episode 3.4: To Have & Have Not

Brad begins a humiliating job search; Ross is cornered by his new leading lady Tanya Dickson (guest star Marissa Petro); Muscles & Lucas get past third base; Nathan and Jake grow closer.

Episode 3.5: Ginger Snaps

At Jake’s urging, Nathan quits smoking; Brad tries retail but old habits die hard; Muscles questions Lucas with his new suspicions; Ross receives an unsettling welcome home; tensions rise between Lydia and Barbara (special guest star Rutanya Alda).

Episode 3.6: Putting the X in X'mas

Nathan calls in PR specialist Dan Karmel (Jeffrey Scott Basham) when Ross’ sex tape goes viral; Brad makes another attempt at gainful employment; Muscles meets Lucas’ boyfriend (Dexter Mayfield); Lydia and Barbara (special guest star Rutanya Alda) have it out.

Episode 3.7: All About Xmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, disillusioned Muscles heads home to Ohio; Damian’s holiday card & no reply from Jake sends Nathan spiraling with indecision; Brad hits rock bottom; Ross, now a tabloid sensation, succumbs to Dan’s advances.

Episode 3.8: Homo for the Holidays

Season Finale. Muscles confides in his mom (special guest star Kathryn Leigh Scott) in Ohio; tough love from a counselor leads Nathan to “man up” to Jake before butting heads with Nelson (special guest star Bruce L. Hart); Ross is forced to make a choice; Brad receives a last-minute rescue.