Leon Acord

Leon Acord (Nathan Adler) is perhaps best known for his portrayal of “Quentin Crisp” in Jeffrey Hartgraves’ after-life comedy Carved in Stone, which enjoyed successful runs in San Francisco in 2002 and Los Angeles in 2009 at Theatre Asylum. Other recent LA stage credits include “Jacob Marley’s Ghost” and “Uncle Tim” in gay apparel: A CHRISTMAS CAROL, “Simon” in Salsa Saved the Girls at Eclectic Co. Theatre, multiple lightning-strike victim “Harry” in Victims at Company of Angels, and “Harlequin” in The Scheme of Things at the El Portal. He’s appeared in over 20 stage productions and 30 films, including starring roles in the features Final Remains and Some Prefer Cake, and in film-fest favorites Foucault WHO?, Deer Season, and Divorce: American Style. He most recently played “Helmholtz” in Leonard Manchiari’s Brave New World-inspired mix of live action and animation The Cave, and noble AIDS survivor “Marcus” in Patrick Dawn’s drama aWake.Originally a Hoosier, he attended Indiana University.



“Gay men need to grow up at a certain age!”

Nathan’s a thin, very well-dressed (i.e., clothes-horse), moderately successful Hollywood agent and self-made man. He’s intelligent, funny, a bit quirky & caustic, a bit uptight & rigid, clumsy, and attractive in a non-threatening, slightly European way. A reluctant smoker. Once a bit of a wild child in his 20s, he’s now determined to age gracefully. He’d like to be in a relationship, but his work keeps him busy — and he’s tired of the search — so he’s trying to be happy being alone. He’s a bit of a workaholic, and also a bit of a snob. He has the latest smart phone, a top of the line BMW, and an American Express Black Card, and is generous. His head is telling him dignity is important — but his heart and libido (and memories of his wilder days) don’t make it easy.