Jeffrey Patrick Olson is proud to parade his pectorals as Al “Muscles” Carter in ODNT!!  Might as well, since winning the Gold medal for Physique at the 2006 Gay Games competition.  Also hailing from the Midwest, JPO has most recently performed in the Jack Benny Radio Play for AFTRA as a singer and and onstage in DADDY at the Hudson in LA.  Also in LA:  I Love Lucy Live at Bally’s Las Vegas, Joe DiPietro’s F*cking Men at Celebration Theatre (US Premiere).  Chicago favorites:  The Ritz (Pride Films and Plays Series), Die! Mommie, Die! (Chicago premiere),  Marked Down Woman and Psycho Beach Party.In film, he had the titular role of a sensitive killer in Christopher, featured in the upcoming slasher spoof Detention with Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook, a lead role in Pooltime – a romantic comedy, and featured as Hercules in an award winning biodocumentary A Sicilian Odyssey.  He is an ensemble member of an online sketch comedy group Some Comedy Thing.


“You’re only as old as you look and feel!”

‘Muscles’ is a personal trainer at a WeHo gym, and a gung-ho community volunteer. Seemingly constantly clad in t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops, his idea of dress-up is a pair of True Religion jeans. He’s muscular, handsome, sexy, and desperate to stay in shape and youthful. He has a native intelligence and naivety that makes him interesting. A truth-teller. In fact, he’s a study in contradictions: he doesn’t drink, do drugs or have casual sex, but he loves to dance, bar hop and flirt. A former farm-boy, he still has Midwestern values at heart. Despite the appearance of being a sex-pot, he is extremely old-fashioned, constantly looking for his Mr. Right, and rarely puts out unless he thinks the other guy is husband-material. He’s an inadvertent cock tease.